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It was the summer of 2007 that a nine-year-old Florida boy decided to use his new bike to gather up discarded cans as a fourth grade ECO project. He recruited his grandfather to help with the idea. After a few months of trial and errors, they came up with their insulated votive candles inside of his recycled cans. They added colorful labels with a touch of humor and the boy’s idea is now a business.

Some of our customers use them for fundraising and some are collectors. Gift shops and souvenir shops are having fun selling our products. We even get orders from restaurants and businesses who want them with personalized labels. The downside is starting a business during a recession but, Grandfather did it! During the terrible recession of 1957 and hung in there until things picked up.

“He taught me to never run from a problem in business; just solve it. We solved some problems together and his advice works.

“I have learned so much from starting and growing ALJO FUN GIFTS. Over the past 8 years, we have sold countless CANdles, across 9 different states. Nothing compares to seeing people smile when they pick up our products; that’s what ALJO FUN GIFTS is all about. I look forward to expanding our business and creating new products for my customers to smile at.”

– Bradley Sadulski, CEO & Founder


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We focus on 5-star customer experiences.


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Our high quality products are hand made in Palm Bay, FL.


No Hassle Returns

We’ll take it back within the first 14 days if unused. NO HANDLING CHARGES.


Helping The Environment!

We are working towards reducing waste by using recycled materials.

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Meet Our Team!

Bradley Sadulski
CEO & Founder
Alex Sadulski