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Fishin Lantern

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 The trophy gift for a GREAT fisherman

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Designed for the World’s Greatest Fishermen, it’s everyone’s  favorite Fishin’ tool.  Try fishin’ without one.  When you’re sitting along the edge of a pier, or boating in the dark, with one of these  (safely positioned) in your cupholder, there’s nothing quite more serene.  Ever try to tie a clinch knot with cold, wet fingers in the dark?

ALJO’s famous Fishin’ Lantern is known as a CANdle.   An insulated votive candle in a recycled can, wrapped in a funny label.   Once this candle burns down, you can replace it with your choice of any standard size scented or unscented votive candle. for years of FUN fishin.

A true definition of recycling.

Shipping:  USPS First Class Mail. to any address in our contiguous 48 U.S. states.  Returns: Hassle-free 14-day policy (after initial purchase date. If unused).
More details:  The can colors vary. The insulated candle is unscented.  Years of  FUN conversations FREE.

Keep away from flammable objects and keep out our of reach of unattended children and pets.


1 review for Fishin Lantern

  1. 5 out of 5
    1 review(s)

    Jon Trotta

    A great quality product and very reasonably priced! Definitely great gifts, highly recommend!

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