Fishin Lantern

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Every Fisherman’s Must Have!
You can’t go fishin’ without one!

Only $9.99! Shipping and Handling included.

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Everyone’s favorite Fishin’ tool; you can’t go fishin’ without one. When you’re sitting along the edge of a pier, or sitting in the dark, with one of these guys (safely positioned) in your cupholder, there’s nothing quite more serene.

Who knows, maybe it can help you catch more fish. That depends on your fishing!

The Fishin’ Lantern is known as a CANdle. Inside of the 12 oz. “CANdle”, is an insulated votive candle. Once this votive burns down, you can replace it with your choice of votive candle. It’s the true definition of recycling.

Shipping: FREE USPS First Class Mail.
Returns: Hassle-free 14-day policy (after initial purchase date. If unused).
Finer Details: Inside of a 12 ounce insulated can. The can style may vary. The insulated candle is unscented.

Keep away from flammable objects and keep out our of reach of children and pets.


1 review for Fishin Lantern

  1. 5 out of 5
    1 review(s)

    A great quality product and very reasonably priced! Definitely great gifts, highly recommend!

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