Florida Hurricane Lamp

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How else can we survive a hurricane?
When the winds start to blow and the power goes out, the only thing we can do is light a “Florida Hurricane Lamp”.

Only $9.99! Shipping and Handling included.

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The “power-outage survival tool”. If you live in Florida, you know that it doesn’t take something as significant as a hurricane to wipe our power for a short period of time. Just a tree rubbing up on the power line is enough to knock our power out. This can come in handy anytime, anywhere.

Focusing on Hurricanes, however; you can’t have a Hurricane Party without one! It keeps the conversation going, as you may not be able to see in the dark without one.

The Florida Hurricane Lamp is known as a CANdle. Inside of the 12 oz. “CANdle”, is an insulated votive candle. Once this votive burns down, you can replace it with your choice of a votive candle. It’s the true definition of recycling.

Shipping: FREE USPS First Class Mail.
Returns: Hassle-free 14-day policy (after initial purchase date. If unused).
Finer Details: Inside of a 12 ounce insulated can. The can style may vary. The insulated candle is unscented.

Keep away from flammable objects and keep out our of reach of children and pets.



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